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Blue Valley School District

Each week, the Blue Valley School District publishes building-level COVID cases — some of the finest-grained data reporting you’ll find. This page reprocesses that data weekly and presents summary and trend analyses to better understand how COVID is spreading (or not!) within this district’s schools.


NOTICE: This page is no longer being actively maintained. It remains online as a reference resource.

On Friday, March 4th, 2022:

Active COVID Cases


For the 2021-22 academic year:

NOTE: due to the change in data reporting format on January 7, it is no longer possible to calculate cumulative unique cases. Contact the Blue Valley School Board of Education at if you want to see this data restored.

Total Student COVID Cases

Total Staff COVID Cases

For August 2020 to present
(the whole enchilada):

NOTE: As described above, this metric is no longer available.

Total COVID Cases

Weekly COVID Cases by School

The below table contains a searchable spreadsheet of all reported COVID cases in Blue Valley School District, with the totals for the school year and most recent week reported on the left. Click on your school of interest to see historical weeks.

Weekly New COVID Infections
Weekly Confirmed COVID Cases by Building Level
Total Cumulative Student Cases

This chart shows the cumulative number of confirmed COVID cases at each building level. In this chart, totals are measured for the entire duration of the pandemic (not a single academic year).

Weekly Cumulative Cases: 2021-22 vs. 2020-21

This chart compares cumulative cases reported during the 2021-22 academic year with the similar reporting period in the prior year. Academic year 2020-21 is drawn in thin lines; the current year is drawn in thick lines with dots.

High School Active Case Thresholds

Current district policy has face masks as optional unless building-level cases, quarantines, Test to Stay, and exceptions exceed 3% of the student population OR total illness in the building exceeds 7%. These dials report the current total illness absentee rate as reported by the district.

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