Season 1, Episode 1

Relative > Absolute

Why does it bother us so much when data doesn’t match our personal experiences? Besides the fact that we’re generally pretty crappy with numbers, it’s because we often expect a level of precision and accuracy in numbers that simply isn’t realistic.

About This Episode

Oh my, why did I tell people I was gonna make a podcast? What the hell was I thinking?

In this, the inaugural episode of the Bad Data podcast, Jason sets out to prove that all you need for a successful podcast is a total lack of social awareness and a willingness to throw money at Fiverr.

If you’re bored while waiting in the carpool pickup lane waiting for the kids, this 20-minute jaunt through some of the main reasons why we argue about COVID in schools is just your jam. (Just be sure to turn it off when they hop in the car, unless they’re F-bomb-friendly).

Also, according to my transcription notes, it’s helpful if you enjoy hearing the phrase “um” multiple times.

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