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Book Burning Bonanza

Sex Sells!

Season 1, Episode 10    |    19min

Book Burning Bonanza

Season 1, Episode 10 Book Burning BonanzaWhat makes a book bannable? And what impact do all of these cries for censoring books actually have?Host Jason AndersonResources American Library Association (ALA) ALA Office for Intellectual Freedom ALA Banned & Challenged...

Battle Station: Omicron

Season 1, Episode 9 Battle Station: OmicronDid I really say last week that I was thinking about taking off our face masks? Oh, karma, you sneaky sneak. Let's talk about the new variant du jour.Host Jason AndersonAlso Available On: Spotify Apple PodcastsAbout This...

When Can We Take Off Our Masks?

Season 1, Episode 8 When Can We Take Off Our Masks?After a year and a half of shutdowns, quarantines, and other public drama, we're still waiting for a collective answer to the question that affects us the most in our daily lives: When can I take off this mask?Host...

Hot Tub Data Time Machine

Season 1, Episode 7 Hot Tub Data Time MachineTake a brief trip through history as we look back 1, 10, 50, and 100 years at how diseases, vaccines, politics, and technology have evolved and impacted our lives.Host Jason AndersonAlso Available On: Spotify Apple...

The 1776 Project PAC Money Airdrop

Season 1, Episode 6 The 1776 Project PAC Money AirdropAmong the thousands of various local government positions up for grabs, nearly 400,000 students are at risk of having their school boards turned upside-down by one political action committee. Don’t believe me?...

Death Data

Season 1, Episode 5 Death DataWhat happens to our data when we die? Or, even better, what data is created when we die? How do systems know that we are gone, and why is that data so ridiculously inaccurate?Host Jason Anderson Resources International Classification of...

Thought Exercise

Season 1, Episode 4 Thought ExerciseDo you enjoy trying to predict the future? (I mean, come on, who doesn't think they know the future...) Resident polymath and podcast host Jason takes a quick 10-minute journey into the post-pandemic future.Host Jason...


Season 1, Episode 3 Boosters?Bad Data hosts a conversation with Dr. J.J. De Simone, a statistician and data scientist, about the recently-approved Pfizer COVID vaccine boosters.Host Jason AndersonGuest Dr. J.J. De Simone, Ph.D. Resources Johnson County, KS Public...

Bad Data Engineering

Season 1, Episode 2 Bad Data EngineeringIn this episode, we explore the messy underbelly of public COVID data dashboards and try to compare what's going on between school districts in Kansas, California, Arizona, Texas, Louisiana, and others. (hot tip: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )Host...

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