Tools and Data Sources


The dashboards on the Bad Data Podcast website use a variety of software tools, data sources, and other online assets. If you’d like to replicate our work, or are just curious about how the sausage gets made, here’s where to start!

Software and Hardware

(note: Some of these links are affiliate site referrals and will generate a small commission. I am endorsing these tools as I am personally using them.)



  • Website / content management: WordPress
  • Chart visualization plugin: Visualizer
  • Podcast website theme: Divi (Elegant Themes)

Data Management

  • Database (for maintaining COVID data): MySQL on RDS
  • Hosting: Amazon Web Services (RDS for database, Lightsail for WordPress)

Podcast Recording and Publishing


Recording Equipment

  • Microphone is the trusty ol’ Blue Yeti or, on occasion, AirPods Pro when recording remote
  • All work performed on a MacBook Pro

Supporting Accessories

  • Currently using 10-year-old HyperX gaming headset
  • Triple-screen display with external Dell 27″ (for spreadsheets) and Samsung 24″ (for website research) monitors


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